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How to install and use DumpsBase software?

How to install and use DumpsBase software application easily and quickly? You can check the following steps to see how our software works.

1. After you download H11-811-ENU software file from our email content, you will get the following zip file.

2. Please extract H11-811-ENU zip file and you will get the exacted file folder.

3. In the extracted file folder, there are three files and only these three files can be in the same folder.

4. After you click DumpsBase APP, you will find the following window. For some special exams, we have spent a lot so we have to protect our products. The following H11-811-ENU is one of the special exams. Please copy and send the serial number to us, and then we will generate the unique registration code.

5. Then you will get the following homepage of H11-811-ENU exam software.

6. There are two modes in H11-811-ENU exam software. In our examination code, you cannot check answers until you submit the exam. However, in H11-811-ENU practice mode there is a button called “Show Correct Answers”, which is easy for you to check the answers.

(1) In our examination mode, you cannot check whether your answers correct or not, until you submit the exam.

(2) In our practice mode, you can see this “show correct answer” button.

We show all the software details above in order to make you could use our software file easily and clearly. If you still have other questions you still could mail us to [email protected]