Valid HPE0-V27 Exam Dumps: Good Resource To Pass HPE Edge-to-Cloud Solutions Exam

Shamiyo 03-31-2023

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Who can choose to take the HPE Edge-to-Cloud Solutions HPE0-V27 exam?

HPE0-V27 exam mainly validates a successful presales architect's ability to translate business and technical requirements into a complete HPE solution design, including storage, computing, and networking, considering all available consumption models and hosting locations. It is related to HPE ASE - Edge-to-Cloud Architect V1 certification. This certification is one Hybrid Cloud topic. For one who has HPE ASE - Hybrid IT Solutions Architect V1 certification, and wants to upgrade to HPE ASE - Edge-to-Cloud Architect V1 certification, he can choose to take and pass HPE0-V28 Delta - HPE Edge-to-Cloud Solutions exam. But for a new to this HPE ASE - Edge-to-Cloud Architect V1 certification, candidates must have HPE ATP - Hybrid Cloud V1 or HPE ATP - Hybrid IT Solutions V2 as the prerequisite, then take the HPE0-V27 exam successfully. 

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It is important to ensure that the online exam materials are accurate and up-to-date, reflecting the latest trends and developments in HPE Edge-to-Cloud solutions. Additionally, it would be helpful to provide customer reviews and feedback to give potential buyers an idea of the effectiveness and usefulness of the exam materials. We have free demo of valid HPE0-V27 exam dumps to help you verify our dumps questions:

A customer is concerned about security and compliance with regulations.

Which benefit does an HPE hosted desktop solution provide?

A. It automatically deploys patches to all desktops at the network edge.

B. It ensures that all data remains securely in the data center.

C. It includes security monitoring as a service as part of the solution.

D. It embeds a silicon root of trust in every desktop.

Answer: B

Which of the following is an example of an IT industry architecture that is commonly used in HPE Edge-to-Cloud Solutions?

A. Virtualization

B. Artificial intelligence

C. Blockchain

D. Augmented reality

Answer: A

When designing and architecting a solution based on customer requirements, which of the following is necessary?

A. Qualifying the customer requirements

B. Selecting the right HPE and 3rd party products and services

C. Documenting customer intent

D. Planning the solution design

Answer: A

How does HPE Flexible Capacity benefit customers?

A. It allows them to meet their anticipated OPEX needs by prepaying for capacity at discounted prices.

B. It provides a public cloud solution, allowing them to migrate their services to an easily accessible cloud.

C. It allows them to have the infrastructure capacity that they need but pay only for what they use.

D. Its on-premises-only workload deployment strategy saves them the expense of deploying workloads off premises.

Answer: C

A customer tells you they want to modernize IT.

Which characteristic indicates a potential HPE Intelligent Edge customer?

A. The customer wants to modernize mobile endpoints.

B. The customer wants to modernize applications.

C. The customer wants to modernize the data center.

D. The customer wants to modernize IT operations.

Answer: A

Which steps is HPE taking to build their portfolio and accelerate their strategy? (Select two.)

A. inventing new technologies for HPE Hybrid IT and HPE Intelligent Edge

B. decreasing the number of partnerships in order to focus on opportunities with top 10 industry leaders

C. increasing marketing budgets for server, storage, and hyperconverged products

D. making strategic acquisitions that enable them to deliver complete solutions

E. focusing on HPE Hybrid IT and de-emphasizing Mobile First Wireless solutions

Answer: A,D

Which solution allows customers to independently scale compute and storage resources and to redefine them dynamically?


B. HPE Synergy

C. HPE ProLiant Gen10

D. HPE Nimble

Answer: B

You have identified a potential hybrid IT prospect. In your next conversation, you learn thatthe customer has just started to virtualize the data center. The customer wants to make the data center more agile with private cloud services.

Which approach should you take with this customer?

A. Take a services-led approach to transform the customer data environment with cloud storage solutions.

B. Qualify the customer for an HPE private cloud solution built on hyperconverged infrastructure.

C. Qualify the customer for HPE Intelligent Edge because the customer is not yet ready for a hybrid IT solution.

D. Take a services-led approach to transform the customer data center into a full software-defined infrastructure.

Answer: D

A customer tells you that virtualization does not provide the performance required for the company's workloads.

Which benefit of HPE Hybrid IT solutions should you explain?

A. HPE lets the customer maintain workloads/applications on Dare metal white providing much of the automation and flexibility associated with visualization.

B. HPE has found that most performance issues with virtualization arise from insufficientremote storage, and HPE has industry leading storage solutions.

C. HPE integrates with leading visualization vendors to enhance the efficiency of the visualization layer and boost compute there.

D. HPE has developed a proprietary virtualization technology, which can support the performance requirements of the most demanding workloads.

Answer: C

What is one trend that is driving customers to implement Hadoop?

A. the development of SQL databases

B. the shift toward systems of record

C. the proliferation of unstructured data

D. the expansion of structured data

Answer: C